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Chicago’s best Brazilian Expert in the Gold Coast steps off the Magnificent Mile. Professional customized waxing service will dazzle you. We have Bikicial (TM) , which is our unique trademark service designed specifically for Bikini area.


* Medical grade setting service

* Gold standard Non stick botanic wax.

* Antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients

* Unique post care kit provided for free.


Bring Brazilian wax to a higher level-medical grade!

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Brazilian Expert



Bikicial TM______________________$150

Post waxing treatment for breakouts. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and treatment. *

* If ingrown hair is invovled, LAMPROBE treatment will be necessary for an additional #20.00.


    Customized  Brazilian _____________ $85+up

   Waxing leaving sensuous shapes of hair for your satisfaction.


Medical Grade Brazilian_____________$80 

Full hair removal, feeling fresh, clean and fabulous.


French Bikini___________________$65

              A little further removal than basic Bikini for a sensual feeling, leaving a landing strip.


Basic Bikini____________________$60

Removal of hair to allow Bikini wear without concern of hair showing.

Body Wax


Lips_______________________   $25

Chin_______________________  $30

Brow Shaping________________  $30

Underarm___________________ $30

Half Arm____________________ $40

Full Arm____________________  $60

Half Leg  ____________________ $50

Full Leg_____________________ $90

Back_______________________ $75



Belly_______________________ $30

Brow Tining__________________$30

Lash Tinting__________________$35

Nostril Wax__________________ $30

Buttocks Wax_________________$45

Our location



100 E Walton St, Ste 600 W

Chicago, IL, 60611


Phone: (773) 680-1489

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